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What actually happens in a custom production?

The thing is, of course, we can't put all the existing songs in the world here as a Midifile or Playback. So you need a song that we don't have? Good! You're definitely in the right place.

You can request a track here and we will create it for you.

To help you understand how the prices are made up, we'll first explain how a Midifile is created.

The only way to create a professional-quality Midifile is for a musician to listen to the original and then extract the music instrument by instrument and either play it back or reprogram it in a sequencer.

From a musical point of view, this involves recording all the notes played, volume ratios, tempo variations and everything else that is technically feasible in a Midifile.

The next step is then to add further information: Lyrics, chords and control data for the playback devices.

Creating a Midifile requires a lot of experience and is a skilled craft.

To create a Playback or Pro(V)-Midifile, we always need the Midifile first.

If we already offer the Midifile in our shop, we can of course use it for a production. Otherwise, the Midifile is part of the production.

Prices (plus VAT)

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Production mode Normal Special Exclusive
Midifile 190 € 95 € 380 €
Pro(V)-Midifile 120 € 60 € 240 €
Playback 60 € 30 € 120 €
Pro-Playback* 220 € 110 € 440 €
ProV-Playback* 360 € 180 € 720 €
Production mode "Special" We cannot always offer you the Special production mode, as there are many factors that we have to calculate. Which production mode we offer in the end (Normal or Special), we will tell you in the cost estimate.
Starting price The prices given here are starting prices.
Surcharges may be added based on length or complexity.
*) Currently we don't offer the marked production types.


Table to big = swipe/scroll
Production mode Normal Special Exclusive
Rights The rights to the produced file remain with Geerdes. The customer receives the rights to the produced file.
Distribution takeover Geerdes may add the produced file to the repertoire after one year. Geerdes will add the produced file to its repertoire as soon as it is finished. Geerdes will never add the produced file into the repertoire.
Original/Template The original must be an MP3, available as a release on an official platform (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, Spotify). YouTube video links are not allowed. By arrangement.
Classification Unknown songs by well-known artists, classical music, musicals, film music... Current songs, evergreens, songs with simple pop structures... Special adaptations, unreleased medleys, recorded live videos...
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